How you can help

How will my donation help?

Donations are used to purchase medicines and medical equipment that are sent directly to the hospitals in Ukraine who request them, or to the Ministry of Health warehouse who decide where to distribute the donations further. We work with doctors and hospitals on the ground to acquire and deliver exactly what they need so that your donations are not wasted. We have the ethos that we will help to get the right thing, to the right place, to the right person who needs it. Medical Aid Ukraine is an organisation run entirely by volunteers and so every penny is spent on medicines, equipment and transportation costs.

Are there other ways I can help support?

There are many ways to support our organisation besides physical in-hand donations. 

Fundraising: You can share our fundraising link on social media and with your networks. Every penny goes directly to the British-Ukrainian Aid charity, who procures essential items with the support of our medical team:

Volunteer work: If you are a health professionals/allied health professional and would like to volunteer, or can assist with transportation to the border, please fill out this form:  Applications to help (

Donations of excess equipment or any other kind of medical aid: Please fill out this form: Donations ( We can only take donations from NHS Trusts, GPs, pharmacies and other large organisations or companies. Unfortunately, individual donations take a long time to sort through, prepare and send and may not be needed in Ukraine. Our team of volunteers works round the clock to meticulously sort through and appropriately package and label these items. Multiple small donations can slow down our process and mean essential and requested items take longer to deliver to those in need, so larger donations are preferred where at all possible.

Our admin team will get back to you as soon as possible. Please allow us 48 hours to contact you and remember to check your junk mail in case our response has ended up there.

If you are in Ukraine and need medical aid / Якщо ви з України і потребуєте медичної допомоги: